How to increase conversion using geo-information?

Drawing attention to visitors and having them interested in a product or service is very difficult. Sometimes it takes great effort, big teams and big moves to make good campaigns, strong commercials and a bunch of “magician tricks” to get some good conversion. In this article you will read about one “magic trick” that can help you.

Technical side

Technology grow up and because of that more and more internet users come up. With the number of users increasing number of links, and with the number of links increases the number of routers. Each router has its own IP address, and often in large cities, individual routers are placed near the houses. This allows us to have the ability to precisely or approximate locate user for each IP address. With this information, we collect information such as ZIP code, city, region, state, time zone, internet provider, and so on. From a marketing point of view, this information can be very useful.

How to use geo informations in marketing?

With proper geo informations, you can create a tactic to convert visitors to quality lids using their geo information in the right way. With proper use of words and geo information in a sentence you can get the attention of your visitor and convert it to a customer or a quality lead. Let’s give an example of one sentence:

We just found shoes that you can buy in Ashburn for 50% discount.

As you can see in this sentence, we use the name of your city to tell you or your visitor that in the exact or near city you can find 50% discount for the shoes you looking for. Of course this is just an ordinary example. Let’s try something more original:

Fastest Way To Get a Car, Truck, Minivan or SUV From Anywhere in Ashburn.

We Approve More Car Loans For People In Ashburn Than Any Other Site.

93%+ Approval Rate in Ashburn.

These examples are real sentences from real world-class web sites. These automatically generated sentences on your site can be the key for your success and successful conversion.

In other case, often we need, in addition to standard information, to collect some more sensitive information in our contact forms or to predefine some fields by default values.  You can define geo information from your user location in your contact forms, various funnels, surveys, etc. These fields may and may not be visible and the use of this information may be for for statistics, analytics and that like.

Also, you can display or hide content according to the geolocation using geo-information. This is extremely useful if you want that each (for example) city has its own unique content. You can display or hide content such as text, images, video, audio, documents, and anything you imagine. This trick is often used by large marketing agencies to attract, redirect and filter their clients from various regions.

OK! Where can I get this information?

Answer is simple – Geo Controller! Geo Controller  allows you to attach geographic information to WordPress websites by user IP address. With Geo Controller you can build any lead capturing landing page, user statistics, redirections based on the geolocation and many more.

GeoPlugin has a lot of benefits. One of the most common benefits are personal user experience and increasing confidence and trust. When you see some content pointed to your needs you have a good feeling. Also with this plugin you get a better SEO result and excellent conversion.

Geo Controller give you informations like:

  • IP
  • IP Version
  • DNS
  • DNS Host
  • DNS Provider
  • City
  • Region/State
  • Country
  • Country code
  • Continent
  • Continent code
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Timezone
  • Currency
  • Currency Symbol
  • Currency Converter
  • Country Flag

…and this informations you can always use anywhere you need.

Click to Download  latest Geo Controller version 8.6.9


Do not forget that Geo Controller uses very sensitive information and you must indicate it in your privacy policy because of European GDPR law, but in fact,  Geo Controller is fully valid for use and does not violate any legal acts by itself.

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