All Geo Controller Features

Geo Controller has a lot of features which make it easy to use in the WordPress. Here’s a list of the functionalities and benefits in detail:

Geo Location & IP lookup

The plugin performs a deep search of the visitor’s IP address and extracts the following information from it:

  • IP
  • IP Version
  • DNS
  • DNS Host
  • DNS Provider
  • City
  • Region/State
  • Region Code (if is available)
  • Country
  • Country code
  • Continent
  • Continent code
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Timezone
  • Language Locale Code
  • Current date
  • Current time
  • Currency
  • Currency Symbol
  • Currency Converter
  • Country Flag – Display SVG country flag
  • Hostname
  • Host IP

In PHP and JavaScript you can find additional informations like:

  • Is VAT – Check is country VAT-free or not
  • Is EU – Check is country inside Europe Union

This two pharams are realy great for the template and some plugin integrations because you can have controll of your VAT taxes and also you can handle with the GDPR law and other privacy policy sections. Also you can do any other switch of content, etc.

There are also some additional plugin informations like:

  • Plugin runetime
  • Plugin version
  • Number of available lookup
  • Connection status

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Displaying Content by Visitor Location

Geo Controller offers a Geo Banner that can display content only to visitors from certain geo locations. You can define the display parameters and enter content into your pages via simple short codes. The content can be anything. From text to pictures, videos, files, etc.

WordPress SEO Redirection

If it is necessary to do a geolocation redirection and to be SEO compatible, Geo Controller has this option. Geo Controller gives the “SEO Redirection” ability to redirect pages to other web pages using geo information. This option is very useful if you have a page that you want to show to specific visitors from some country, region or city. This option can be tracked by the appropriate SEO HTTP codes that tell Google that the page for specific users from certain locations has moved to another site. Google recognizes and adapts its search to the needs of users and reward you with a better ranking.

You also have a special page in the Geo Controller where you can do redirection of the entire WordPress site and we also offer CSV upload / download for easier and faster control.

Woocommerce Price and Currency Control

Through our plugin you can automate Woocommerce and display the converted price and currency according to the geo location of your visitor.

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WordPress Security and Protection

Geo Controller offers “Geo Defender” to prevent visitors from certain countries, regions, cities or even IP’s from seeing your content and generally use the website.

Google Maps

You don’t need additional plugin to display Google Maps. Geo Controller offer built-in functionality to display Google Maps with the simple shortcode.


Definitely geo locations are used for analytical purposes and can help a lot in determining services. Geo Controller can be easily used for analytics.


Geo Controller is a solid and very useful tool that can be of great help to you. Whether you are an ordinary user, administrator or programmer, Geo Controller provides many universal options for everyone. Geo Controllerplugin grows every day and evolves into an universal geo center for the geo control of the WordPress platform.

Click to Download  latest Geo Controller version 8.6.9


Do not forget that Geo Controller uses very sensitive information and you must indicate it in your privacy policy because of European GDPR law, but in fact,  Geo Controller is fully valid for use and does not violate any legal acts by itself.

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