Enable Caching

Enable option only if you are using some cache plugin or server cache.

Our plugin is compatible with many cache plugins but the best compatibility is proven by WP Fastest Cache.

Pay attention (possible problem)

Cache plugins have one option called server cache.

A server cache is a service that saves Web pages or other Internet content locally by placing previously requested information in temporary storage, or cache, that’s speeds up access to data and reduces demand on an enterprise’s bandwidth.

What it means?

The cache plugins create a snapshot of every page on the site, save to static HTML files and serve instead of dynamic content. This option is good because it avoiding excessive database queries and loading site faster (not in all case), but there are problems when it comes to dynamic content.

If we set up a geo location (which is dynamic for each visitor) and cache plugin make the snapshot, all users will see the same geo location that was created when that cache file was created, what is not good.

Our plugin uses JavaScript and AJAX to avoid this problem but due to the complexity of our plugin and because the cache plugin authors didn’t yet support our plugin, we have a sometime problem with plugin functionality.

The server cache can be also a backdoor for hacking because hackers can spit out a malicious script during creation a new cache file and infecting the server or they can locate direct path to the cached files and if permissions are public, they can modify it and affect site or even server.

Solution for the problem

The server cache can be shut down in each of the cache plugins, and often by shutting down this option you get better performance on your website.

The Geo Controller team strives to compensate for this problem and support all existing plugins, but there is always something that may come as a surprise and where it is necessary for someone to support us as well.


You must understand that pages where you use geoinformation must be constantly dynamic and caching those pages at the server level cannot be used. You must allow PHP scripts to serve geo information and therefore the server cache must not be turned on.

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