SEO Redirection Usage

Here you can setup default site redirection based on the geo-location of your visitors.

This functionality allow you to redirect your visitors on the any custom location. Please use this carefuly and wise.

How this work?

on this page you can easly add, edit or delete some SEO redirection rules based on the geo location.

Adding new rule is simple and require only basic knowledge.

You must define country, region or city, desire URL where you want to send your visitors and HTTP redirection code.

Insert a large amounts of redirections

If you want to make large amounts of redirects easier, we give you this option. Here you can easily enter a thousand redirects by the rules you define in your CSV file with just a few clicks. Before proceeding with this, you need to be informed about the structure of the CSV file that we expect.


Please carefully follow this manual to avoid unnecessary problems and waste of time.

The file must be a standard comma separated CSV with a maximum of 6 columns. The order of the column is extremely important and its content is strict. If you do not follow the format and column order, CSV will be rejected.

Column 1:
Country Code – standard 2 letter country code (example: RS)
Column 2:
Region Name (example: BG)
Column 3:
City Name (example: Belgrade)
Column 4:
Postcode Name (example: 1210)
Column 5:
Redirect URL – valid URL format
Column 6:
HTTP Status Code – Accept 301, 302, 303 and 404
Column 7:
Active – Optional, accept integer (1-Enable, 0-Disable)
Column 8:
Redirect only once – Optional, accept integer (1-Enable, 0-Disable)

PLEASE NOTE: After upload, all previous records will be deleted and new data will be placed. This process is impossible to avoid and, therefore, it is important to make a preliminary backup. Please use backup button at top of this page for that action.

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