Anti Spam Protection

With Anti Spam Protection you can block the access from the specific IP, country, state and city to your site. Names of countries, states, regions or cities are not case sensitive, but the name must be entered correctly (in English) to get this feature work correctly. This feature is very safe and does not affect to SEO.

If Automatic IP Address Blacklist Check is enabled, you will be protected from well known spammers and scams. All of these IPs are from safe source and most of them are bots and crawlers. Blackliested IPs will be automatically recognized and blocked. If you don’t want this kind of protection disable it in plugin settings.

This options will remove all your content, template, design and display custom message to your visitors.

How this work?

By default when this feature is enabled in the settings, you are protected from the spammers worldwide. Also you can define, according to your needs, geographic parameters or the IP address you want to block and prevent access to the entire WordPress installation.

The settings are extremely user friendly and understandable to users. By choosing the desired parameters, you adjust the plugin to completely stop traffic on your site according to the criteria you have entered.

To avoid additional problems with your visitors you can display an adequate message to visitors who are prohibited to see your site. You have option to add custom text or HTML content that only can see users who do not have access to your site.

… and final result:

Note: This option of blocking access to the entire WordPress blog works together with wp-admin access. If you enter your ip, country, region or city you will be unable to access your own website.

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