The Geo Controller has many constants that affect the operation of the plugin or return certain information important for the operation of the plugin and can be accessed within your WordPress theme. Some of these constants can be changed, some are not recommended to change and some are only informative and visual representations within the plugin.

CFGP_FILE The full path and filename of main plugin file
CFGP_VERSION Current plugin version
CFGP_ROOT Filesystem directory path for the plugin CFGP_FILE
CFGP_INCLUDES Filesystem directory path for plugin include files
CFGP_ADMIN Filesystem directory path for plugin admin files
CFGP_URL Plugin direct URL
CFGP_ASSETS The URL for the plugin assets
CFGP_NAME Geo Controller locale domain
CFGP_METABOX Plugin metabox prefix
CFGP_PREFIX Plugin session prefix (controlled by version)
CFGP_SESSION Session expire in XX minutes (default: 30)
W3TC_DYNAMIC_SECURITY “W3 Total Cache” setup for the partial cache. This is only used with “W3 Total Cache” plugin.
CFGP_DEV_MODE Enable developer mode ( only for developer license ) (bool true/false)
CFGP_MULTISITE Status about multisite installation (bool true/false)
CFGP_IP Client IP address
CFGP_SERVER_IP Server IP address
CFGP_PROXY Status about proxy activation (bool true/false)
CFGP_ACTIVATED Status about license key activation (bool true/false)

These constants are easily accessed but it can also be modified within your wp-config.php file.


If you want to change the constants out of desire to make some hack and access the license protected parts of the plugin you will come across with a dead end and you will broke plugin functionality. Geo Controller uses the API service and all restrictions are made within the remotely API services. If we notice that you are using our plugin unauthorized or for criminal activity, we have a right under our policy to block you from using the plugin, even to report you to the authorities without prior notice.


// Change CF Geo-Plugin session expire time
define('CFGP_SESSION', 30);

Other constants can be changed in the same way, but this is not recommended without prior technical knowledge.

To easily access a constant within your WordPress theme, all you have to do is check and display or use the value of the constant:

	echo 'Theme running on the WordPress multi site.';

Editable constants (safe for use)

Here is the list of the safe constants what you can use inside your WordPress installation:

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