If you whant to display live currency conversion on this day in your posts, you can do that by using this Geo Controller shortcode.


from – (accept: three-letter ISO 4217 currency code) – this is currency from you want to convert (if empty, by default: site currency)

to – (accept: three-letter ISO 4217 currency code) – this is the currency you want to convert and display (if empty, by default: visitor’s currency)

align – (accept: one letter character) – This is align of the currency symbol position

  • L – Left, before currency number
  • R – Right, after currency number (default)

separator – (accept: anything) – This is separator between currency number and symbol

no-symbol – (accept: integer 1 or 0, default: 0) – remove (hide) currency symbol

  • 1 – currency symbol hidden
  • 0 – currency symbol shown (default)


Returns the converted currency on this day from the set currency.


This shortcode is a bit specific and works in several ways. The first method is standard, which means that you place the amount you want to convert in the visitor currency, and with the amount you need to provide the three-letter ISO 4217 currency code.


This will return your converted currency for non-U.S. visitors or the current entered currency if your visitor is from the US.

A slightly more advanced conversion can be done as follows:

[cfgeo_converter from="USD"]300[/cfgeo_converter]

On this way you have better control over your conversion because you define in the “from” attribute the current currency from which you want to convert.

Combined with the “to” attribute, you can easily manipulate the conversion and display the result for the currency you want.

[cfgeo_converter from="USD" to="EUR"]300[/cfgeo_converter]

Example: 275.52€

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