[cfgeo_map]The Content (accept HTML)[/cfgeo_map]

Display a Google Map based on your visitors’ geo location or static geo location depending on your needs using Geo Controller. This shortcode eliminates the need to use additional plugins to display the map (only if you need a standard map with single location). This shortcode only works with a valid Google Map API key [read the documentation].


title – (accept: text) – Title of the pointer only visible when you hover over pointer

address – (accept: text) – text placed above the pointer

pointer – (accept: image url) – If you like to change pointer icon, you can do it placing custom image what is maximum 40x40px size

latitude – (accept: number) – The angular distance of a place north or south of the earth’s equator, or of the equator of a celestial object, usually expressed in degrees and minutes. This property is used only if you like to set some custom location.

longitude – (accept: number) – The geographic coordinate that specifies the east–west position of a point on the Earth’s surface, or the surface of a celestial body. This property is used only if you like to set some custom location.

zoom – (accept: integer) – The property that changes the scale of the map (from 1 to 18).

width – (accept: text) – Width of the map in the PX or %

height – (accept: text, optional) – Height of the map in the PX or %

scrollwheel – (accept: integer 1 or 0) – If 0, disables scrollwheel zooming. The scrollwheel is enabled by default.

  • 1 – Enabled
  • 0 – Disabled

navigationControl – (accept: integer 1 or 0) – Enable or disable navigation control.

  • 1 – Enabled
  • 0 – Disabled

mapTypeControl – (accept: integer 1 or 0) – Enable or disable map type control.

  • 1 – Enabled
  • 0 – Disabled

scaleControl – (accept: integer 1 or 0) – Enable or disable scale control.

  • 1 – Enabled
  • 0 – Disabled

draggable – (accept: integer 1 or 0) – Enable or disable dragging in the map.

  • 1 – Enabled
  • 0 – Disabled

infoMaxWidth – (accept: text) – Maximum width of the Google Map infobox (if infobox content is included) – maximum: 600px


Draws Google Map based on settings and geo location. Remember that the default behavior of this shortcode depends on your settings and the Google Map API key must be set.

[cfgeo_map title=”Click on the pointer”]Ashburn, 20149, Virginia, (VA), United States[/cfgeo_map]


If you want to place simple google map in your post or page, you just need to place shortcode [cfgeo_map] and your visitor will see own location on the Google Map by default.

In the some advanced usage, you can do something like this:

[cfgeo_map longitude=”-74.0059″ latitude=”40.7128″ zoom=”15″ title=”My Company Name” scrollwheel=”0″]

My Company Name

No Name Street 35, New York, USA

We have what you need


[cfgeo_map longitude="-74.0059" latitude="40.7128" zoom="15" title="My Company Name" scrollwheel="0"]
   <h3>My Company Name<h3> 
   <p>No Name Street 35, New York, USA</p> 
   <p>We have what you need</p> 

By wrapping content via shortcode, you create a modal box that appears by clicking on the pointer. Latitude and longitude is here to fix your geo location, title to show hover message and for  the rest see the parameters above.


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