[cfgeo_gps]GPS is enabled[/cfgeo_gps]

With this Geo Controller shortcode you can show or hide message when GPS is enabled on the your website. By default, GPS is not Geo Controller functionality but there is a FREE addon for the plugin that enable GPS feature.


default – (accept: text) – This will be returned if GPS shortcode not match (optional)

cache – (no values) – This is single property with no values. It was used for the cache support that forcing AJAX requests to get proper geo information. This shortcode can be also automatically added if cache setting is enabled.


This shortcodes display or hide GPS messages on the your website.


Display GPS message:

[cfgeo_gps]GPS is enabled[/cfgeo_gps]

Or return message if  GPS is not enabled:

[cfgeo_gps default="GPS is not enabled"]GPS is enabled[/cfgeo_gps]

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