What do I get from Unlimited License

“What do I get from an unlimited license?” equals the question: “Why do I have to pay to use geo information?”

The answer is simple: You only pay for Unlimited Lookup!

How does this work?

Over the past few years of our development, we have met with many challenges and demands that we need to fulfill and give support for all our users. It costs us a lot of time and it takes the people who need to get everything done.

We do not charge for the number of lookups, you do not have to buy expensive and heavy databases, or use 3 different services to get what you want. You pay to have no limitations.

Many similar services, like ours, sell their services in various ways, and when annual capital is invested in these services, the final price is very high. Of course, these services also have their benefits and provide sometimes more information than us, but for those who want something simpler and more favorable with the same accuracy, then the price is a big problem. That’s why we decided to offer you several packages created so that they are accessible to every pocket at the prices of one coffee or some lunch in the restaurant. Of course, there are more expensive packages, but they are created for business users.

What is Unlimited License

This is a license that allows you to use our resources indefinitely. You also receive full technical support from us and we allow you to use additional services and options within our plugin.

The only difference in price is the number of domains you can connect with our API system.

By paying this license, you are allowing this service to run smoothly and helping future developments.

Are there any restrictions?

If you have Unlimited License properly activated – NO!

The only restriction is for free users (with no license).

The restrictions for free users is in the number of IP lookups per domain limited to the 1000 lookups (1000 visitors) per day. After you reach limits, our API will stop providing geo information for that day and next day you will again have 1000 lookups available. This is good for all small websites who are at the beginning of their careers or in development. But as you grow, you need to be unlimited.

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