How accurate is the Geo Controller?

Geo Controller has one of the most accurate IP address detection algorithms that can detect a real IP address even if a VPN is used.

But this functionality is not always possible. Quality VPN services can still hide the IP address or at least give the wrong route.

In some cases, in some countries or specific locations, ISPs use shared networks to routers, and for this reason the location displayed through our plugin may vary from a few meters to several miles, depending on the distance of the ISP base station and their settings. A similar problem can occur with mobile networks and with mobile networks this problem is common.

For these reasons, unfortunately, it is not always possible to show an absolutely accurate location. There are solutions that are not ideal but in most cases can improve location detection.

Geo Controller GPS is an add-on that allows the most accurate location of a visitor using GPS sensors in a phone, laptop or desktop device.

IMPORTANT: This GPS add-on only works with the Unlimited License and uses the Google API services.

When the GPS is set up correctly (instructions can be found on the add-on page) the problem of user goodwill to allow you to use their GPS address and GPS sensor remains.

On the first visit to your site, the user must approve the use of its geolocation. If he does not approve the location, we remain in the trust of the IP address. If the user approves the use of geolocation, then you can get the current location of the visitor with an accuracy of a few meters and this information is refreshed every 5 minutes.

NOTE: The GPS add-on is not intended for user tracking but for marketing services and therefore we do not allow real-time tracking.

The conclusion for this problem is that due to numerous security measures on the Internet, we are not able to locate the exact location of the user in all cases. In most cases, the exact geolocation depends on the ISP and the good will of the users to share their location.

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