WordPress SEO Plugin by Rank Math

Geo Controller has automatic integration with the WordPress SEO Plugin by Rank Math that allow you to use geo information within WordPress SEO Plugin settings.

How this work?

As you can see in the image below, the Geo Controller has a list of tags that you can insert in addition to the standard WordPress SEO Plugin tags, thus changing metadata depending on your geo location.

By adding these tags within WordPress SEO Plugin, you will create dynamic headlines and meta descriptions on your pages depending on the user’s location. This is good for sharing via social networks, but it can be bad for Google, so you have to do configuration carefully.

We must note that you should be careful here and do not use these tags without first knowing the SEO and its rules. We are not responsible for how badly this can affect to your SEO, nor do we guarantee that SEO will be better. This is just an extra option you can use and use it wise.

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